Application for Amusement Rides & Devices Contractor Licence

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Application for a Saskatchewan contractor licence to carry on the business of operating Amusement Rides & Devices
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Section A: Owner Information


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Section B: Contact Information (if Different from Owner Name)

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Section C: Licence Scope
Class A Rides
A coaster ride or similar ride that travels more than 500 metres; or an amusement ride that has highly complex features or controls.

Class B Rides
A coaster ride or similar ride that travels 500 metres or less; or has one or more of the following characteristics:
Transports passengers to a height exceeding 6 metres;
Tilts passengers more than 45 degrees from horizontal;
Has more than 8 passenger carrying units;
Has a total passenger capacity exceeding 30

Class C Rides
Any adult amusement ride other than Class A, Class B or Class C Inflatables. Any kiddie amusement ride that has none of the characteristics listed under Class B

Select the desired scope for the contractor licence
Class A Rides (Select all that apply):
Class B Rides (Select all that apply):
Class C Rides (Select all that apply):
Section D: Supporting Documents Upload
Please Provide a List of Maintenance & Operations Personnel and Qualifications
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• Click the Browse button, a file window will open
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• Press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard
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The undersigned applicant states (on behalf of the company) that:
• His/her company when registered as an Amusement Ride & Device Contractor will comply with all requirements of The Amusement Ride Safety Act and The Amusement Ride Safety Regulations
• His/her company will ensure that all listed employees or engineers have access to the latest edition and revision of the standard(s) applicable to the amusement devices on which they are assigned to work and that they will have full working knowledge of such standards
• Applicant has self ensured that supervisory staff, listed employees or engineers have full knowledge of the Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan Act, The Amusement Ride Safety Regulations
• The information shown in this application is accurate and complete

Section E: Payment

Total Amount: $330.00

Payment Method
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