Application for New or Renewal of Amusement Ride Licence

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This application should be completed at least 30 days before operating an amusement ride in order to obtain their annual licence as required under Section 14 of The Amusement Ride Safety Act.
The Amusement Ride Safety Regulations, 2017 A-18.2 REG 2
Licence re: amusement ride
9 No person is to be issued a licence for an amusement ride unless, in addition to meeting any other requirements set out in the Act or these regulations:
(c) the applicant has arranged for an initial inspection of the amusement ride pursuant to section 14 at least 7 days before the scheduled operation of the amusement ride

Compliance monitoring and follow-up may occur at any locations thereafter.
The Amusement Ride Safety Act c. A-18.2
Itinerary of ride
14(1) Subject to subsection (2), no applicant is eligible to be issued a licence pursuant to this Act for an amusement ride unless he submits to the chief inspector at least 30 days before the licence is required an itinerary for the amusement ride for the period for which the licence is sought setting forth:
(a) the places in Saskatchewan in which it is to be operated; and
(b) the inclusive dates of operation at those places.

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