Pressure Equipment Status Update

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This application form must be filled in completely and returned to TSASK to keep our records up to date on the status of your equipment. Please ensure that before any equipment is returned to service that your local inspector is notified. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of your Licence to Operate.

Owner Information


Phone #

Contact Name

Contact Phone #

Equipment Information

For multiple pieces of equipment please fill out and upload this spreadsheet .

To upload more than one file at a time:
• Click the Browse button, a file window will open
• Click the first file you want to upload
• Press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard
• While holding down the Ctrl key, click each of the other files you want to upload
• When finished selecting files click Open

If you are having difficulty uploading your documents, you may send via email to

Equipment Status Change

Existing Owner:
*Inactive within the fiscal year must also submit a Licence to Operate application.
*Inactive for more than a year a new Install Permit is required.
New Owner:
*Same location - Licence to Operate application required
*New location - Install permit is required.

Equipment Was Returned To Service
Equipment returning to service please email with your licence number, serial number and location of the unit. You will receive instruction on how to return the unit to active.

Equipment Purchased From or Sold To Information


Contact Name:

Phone #

Effective Date

New Invoice required