Application for Welder's Licence by an Authorized Contractor - 6 month Extension

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This application should only be completed by a company wishing to obtain a 6 month extension via continuity log book. Must be an employee or employed by an authorized contractor. .

Please ensure that this application is complete and correct prior to submission with payment of $65.00/continuity log. In addition to the submission of this application, please ensure the continuity log is emailed to:

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To the best of my knowledge, this application and all supporting documents are accurate. I understand that a false or misleading statement in this application or in any of the reference or other evidence or qualification submitted by myself or on my behalf may result in the Chief Inspector denying this application.

Please ensure if you are submitting more then one continuity log book, change the payment amount to reflect $65.00/log book.

Total Amount: $65.00

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