Propane Permit

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This application is intended for propane tanks under 2000 USWG only. If your tank is 2000 USWG and up please use the pressure vessel permit application.

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Propane Tank Information
For multiple propane tanks, please complete this spreadsheet and attach below.

Date of Manufacture

Date item available for inspection:

Acceptance Inspection Billing Information
Please be advised that all permit applications are subject to additional fees for inspection services to be invoiced at the applicable rate as per the fee schedule.

A fee of $155.00/hour plus GST will be invoiced in addition to the base fee for the cost of the inspection. An expedited fee of $233.00/hour plus GST will be invoiced in addition to the expedited fee for the cost of the inspection. Acceptance inspections will also be invoiced at these rates.

Bill Inspection to:

Upload Submission Requirements (Manufacture Data Report)
Please upload data reports (MDR's) and please ensure your propane tank is registered in Saskatchewan prior to submitting this permit.

To upload more than one file at a time:
• Click the Browse button, a file window will open
• Click the first file you want to upload
• Press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard
• While holding down the Ctrl key, click each of the other files you want to upload
• When finished selecting files click Open

If you are having difficulty uploading your documents, you may send via email to

Data Report Attached


To the best of my knowledge, this application and all supporting documents are accurate. I understand that a false or misleading statement in this application or in any of the reference or other evidence or qualification submitted by myself or on my behalf may result in the Chief Inspector denying this application.

  • Standard Service - $95.00 each tank
  • Expedited Service - $190.00 each tank

  • Total Amount: $0.00

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