Permit to Operate in Urgent Cases - Beyond 180 Days with Action Plan

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This application should be completed by companies who require coverage for more than 31 calendar days

Please ensure that this application is complete and submitted to TSASK with the appropriate fee at least 14 days prior to start date.

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Being in a position of authority and having knowledge of the plant's operation and equipment, I declare the applicant has a valid Power Engineering Licence, is trained and has intimate knowledge and experience with the specific equipment and operating procedures of the plant. Thus, at a higher level, has the capacity to safely be in charge of the boiler(s), control system, machinery, equipment and safety procedures at the plant mentioned. I recognize that a Permit to Operate in Urgent Cases is a Temporary measure and the above mentioned company is committed to achieving the Legislated staffing requirements by recruiting or through a commitment to the training and support of the power engineer in achieving his/her certification. I recognize that this commitment shall be honestly made and efforts will be made to be permit free as early as reasonably possible.

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