Request for Elevator Acceptance Inspection

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Where there is a conflict between this guideline and the Act and Regulations, the Regulations shall prevail.

Prior to the Elevator Contractor's request for an inspection from TSASK, all General Contractors or Owners shall complete required checklists. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in a cancelled inspection with additional inspection fees. It is the responsibility of the Elevator Contractor to stop work or immediately report building conditions that are not in compliance with the registered drawings, design submissions, as well as all applicable codes and standards.

Contractors shall make all reasonable efforts to schedule the inspection with a minimum of 7 business days advanced notice. At that time, emailed conformance and completion of checklists are required. This form shall be completed and uploaded for review. Please email completed checklists to

Contractor Information

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Inspection Information

Complies with the applicable Act and Regulations and Safety Codes for Elevating Devices:

Complies with the applicable Act and Regulations and Safety Codes for equipment in hoistways, control and machine rooms:

Pre-inspection checklist completed:


Click here for copy of Pre-inspection Checklist

Redundancy Tests completed:


Firefighter checklist completed for Acceptance/Special Inspections:


FEO testing applies for:

New Installation
Major Alteration

Emergency Power testing applies for:

New Installation, where E-Power is provided to elevator
Major Alterations, where E-Power was added or altered
Requested by Registered Elevating Contractor



Confirmed by General Contractor: site and elevating device is ready for requested inspection


I certify that every effort will be made to comply with all requirements of The Passenger and Freight Elevator Act and The Passenger and Freight Elevator Regulations, 2017 and further understand that an Elevator Licence may be cancelled for any violation of the Act or Regulations.