Application for the Registration of a Pressure Relief Path Stop Valve Control Program

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This application form is for the registration of a new program, a renewal for an existing program or for the update/addition of a PRP SVC Program to a QMS manual. The fee of $295.00 plus gst includes 2 hours of review. If additional hours are required you will receive an invoice from TSASK. You may download all forms and information papers at
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1. One electronic copy of the PRP SVC Manual (CONTROLLED). PRP SVC Program manuals shall have provisions to provide controlled copies of program information to TSASK electronically;


2. Two copies of the relevant pages from the QMS Manual pertaining to the PRP SVC program (CONTROLLED) QMS update pages may be electronic if provisions are in the QMS manual for controlled electronic copies.

3. An electronic copy of the complete listing of all sites and valves controlled under the program.

This information shall be submitted electronically if more than four sites are in the program. A flash drive may be used if the files are too large for email. (Both PRP SVC program & QMS update) By email at

Site Infomation
Applicants shall use complete this portion if no more than four sites are included in the program. Otherwise, applicants shall submit the list of sites electronically or on a flashdrive.


To the best of my knowledge, this application and all supporting documents are accurate. I understand that a false or misleading statement in this application or in any of the reference or other evidence or qualification submitted by myself or on my behalf may result in the Chief Inspector denying this application.


Total Amount: $309.75

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