Application for Quality Control Program Review and Contractor's Licence

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Submission Prerequisites
IMPORTANT: To avoid processing delays, prior to completing this application, please ensure a copy of the QCP manual has been emailed to for review:
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The breakdown of your $1504.00 payment is as follows:

- Contractor's Licence: $574.00
- Base Fee for Review of Manual: $930.00

Additional Costs:
There is an additional minimum cost of $651.00 which includes 4 hours for the audit. Note: both manual and audit reviews are subject to travel-related expenses and will be invoiced upon completion.

Part B - Quality Control Program Review
The Quality Control Program registration process consists of manual review and audit. The audit shall be accommodated within six months following completion of the manual review. If the audit is not accommodated within six months a new application and payment will be required.


PART C - Contact Information
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Part D - Email Consent

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Part E - Quality Control Program Information (This section is for RENEWALS only)

Part F - Contractor's Licence (This section is for RENEWALS only)
As per the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Act, 1999 all persons engaged in the business of constructing, installing, altering or repairing boilers, pressure vessels, fittings, pressure piping systems or refrigeration plants, must hold a valid contractor's licence. This licence is issued and coincides with the Quality Control Program Certificate of Registration expiration date, and is only up to a maximum of 3 years.


To the best of my knowledge, this application and all supporting documents are accurate. I understand that a false or misleading statement in this application or in any of the reference or other evidence or qualification submitted by myself or on my behalf may result in the Chief Inspector denying this application.


Total Amount: $930.00

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